Breakthrough welcomes new Asbestos Supervisor

The Breakthrough Group recently welcomed their new Class A Asbestos Supervisor into the company

The Breakthrough Group recently welcomed Asbestos Supervisor, Peter Adams, into the company.  Peter brings a wealth of experience from the UK in regards to the safe planning, removal and disposal of asbestos.  The UK have some of the most stringent environmental measures in place for the safe removal of asbestos and Peter is an expert in every facet.

As stated by owner, Ric Doo, “Peter is a welcome addition to a burgeoning section of the company and the expertise he brings to the table will only advance Breakthrough’s standing amongst industry professionals.  In my opinion he would be the foremost expert in asbestos removal management in regional Queensland.” 

Peter also offers Breakthrough the ability to provide asbestos audits for companies wishing to maintain the asbestos registers.