Controlled Demolition

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The Breakthrough Group is fully licenced under the Work Health and Safety regulation 2011 to carry out demolition work.

The Breakthrough Group has a number of licenced demolition supervisors across the company, each with commercial, industrial and domestic demolition supervisory experience.

The Breakthrough Group contracts to a number of government agencies and tier one construction companies to perform demolition work on their behalf.


Our capability for demolition includes the following:

  • Minor integration works through to demolition of multi-story sites
  • Experienced l operators and demo supervisors
  • Working in live operational environments
  • Bridge Demolition


Our methodology is based on our extensive experience in controlled demolition, specialist concrete cutting and coring, and refurbishment strip out work that enables us to manage and / or eliminate health, safety and environmental risks.

The advantages of our controlled demolition methods are:

  • That it eliminates the risk of damaging other structures as our approach does not fully rely on ramming or rock-breaking methods to remove large expanses of concrete or structure.
  • Intensive manual labour can be used – this eliminates the use of noisy machinery in built up neighbourhoods and public environments.
  • All structures can be cut into manageable sizes with a clean-as-you-go approach. 
  • Continuous management of waste - eliminates mess and safety risks, as well as protecting the project environment which is to remain or be reused. 
  • Floors, walkways and public access areas are able to be kept clear of rubbish and waste at all times.
  • Specialised concrete cutting allows for an excellent cutting finish to walls and areas that need to be made good or integrated into new works.



We have the flexibility and resourcing to phase the works consistent with the Principal Contractor’s requirements.

Experienced staff resources include a dedicated on-site supervisor, labourers who possess, as a minimum, QLD Construction Industry OH&S Blue or White Cards, operators with EWP tickets and management and administrative staff to support the contract with appropriate documentation.

Should the project program change or the staging be modified, we are able to deploy extra staff as required to ensure that we meet any contractual deadlines.


The Breakthrough Group has a range of excavators ranging from one tonne to a 30 tonne machine.  The Breakthrough Group has specialised attachments for these excavators for any size demolition project; examples of our attachments are:



The 360 degree rotating Grapple allows for the demolition material to be easily picked up and sorted and increases the speed of load out and can be used for shaking and separating loose particle material.


Rock Breaker

The Rockbreaker is ideal for breaking footings beneath concrete slabs and can be used as one method of breaking slabs for subsequent removal by the rotating grapple; its other applications include reducing rubble size for subsequent crushing or ease of loading out.



Thanks to their angled shape, Pulverizers are ideal for controlled demolition and additional reduction of reinforced concrete elements. 


Additional Plant and Machinery

Brokk 90

When it comes to working in confined spaces, size does matter.  With its compact design and heavy-duty capacity, the Brokk 90 is small and agile enough to get into tight spots, yet it still packs enough of a punch for those bigger jobs.

Brokk 90


  • The 11 kW electric motor is quiet, with no harmful emissions
  • Small footprint and rubber tracks combine to minimise impact on site


Concrete Crusher

Concrete Crusher

The Breakthrough Group has the capability to crush concrete on site to minimise waste and environmental impact.

The Lem Track 6040 Concrete Crusher used by the Breakthrough Group has been designed and manufactured to consider the needs related to the recycling of materials resulting from demolition and restructuring work in the building industry and cement items.


Examples of works completed:

Darwin International Airport expansion

Darwin International Airport

Cairns Base Hospital 

Townsville General Hospital

Townsville General Hospital

Machans Beach State School

Domestic Houses

Mt St Bernards - Herberton

Cleaner Seas Alliance

Crystal Cascades Bridge

Lake Street redevelopment