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Concrete Solutions

I was very happy and impressed with the soft cutting of the driveway at Shoalmarra Drive carried out by Matt. He mentioned that it was good to see someone take pride in their work.

- Radjaz Concreting

Utility Scanning

At the Breakthrough Group, we use GPR technology to induce, detect and trace power cables hidden in walls, floors, columns and underground prior to any subsurface work being carried out.

The scan can locate buried utilities or services such as power, data and fibre-optic. We can also locate metallic and non-metallic utilities including PVC, plastic and concrete or clay pipes.

At the Breakthrough Group we can scan, detect and identify any of the following utilities:

  • Live Power
  • Sewer and storm water pipes
  • Gas pipes
  • Cable TV cables
  • Traffic and Street lights
  • Metallic/non-metallic pipes and conduits
  • Refrigeration pipes
  • Phone, data and fibre-optic cables
  • Water pipes

We can also trace and map utilities and locate cable faults.

You can depend on our technicians to conduct themselves in a professional manner and to meet your deadlines so you can schedule your trades and stay on budget. All scanning is performed with little to no disruption to the rest of your team, allowing trades and workers to get on with the task at hand.


 Utility Scanning