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Core Drilling

Concrete core drilling also known as boring or penetrations is the process of drilling holes through walls and floors that are made of concrete to extract samples for testing or provide pathways for conduits, piping, electrical or fiber optic cabling, etc.

Our Concrete Core Drilling experts are ready to assist you on obtaining core samples or whatever your requirements.

The Breakthrough Group offer core drilling solutions from the smallest application of 12mm to much larger applications of 1200mm diameter.

We also have Hydraulic drilling systems which can drill through suspended slabs from underneath.

To compliment core drilling through slabs where services or reo cannot be readily detected the Breakthrough Group also provide the solution of utility or GPR scanning to gain an accurate picture before the drilling works commence.

Don’t take a risk with exposing yourself to the danger of live services call the experts at the Breakthrough Group for an obligation free site inspection and quote.

Core Drilling