Concrete Solutions

Wow one day my building was here and the next day it was gone; with no rubbish left…. Great work guys!

David Smith
 - Cairns

Concrete Cutting

The Breakthrough Group offer a range of concrete cutting solutions for any size project.  The equipment utilised for such works include the following:

Hand Sawing

Applicable for concrete slabs in confined spaces or small areas.

Breakthrough offer either petrol, Hydraulic or electric 3 phase (zero emissions of fuel – great for inside residences)

Up to 150mm deep cuts

Hand Sawing

Ring Sawing

Mainly used in penetration of walls to make window openings and or door penetrations Either petrol or Hydraulic or electric 3 phase

Up to 260mm deep cuts

Ring Sawing

Dragon Saw

Larger ring saw which allows deeper penetrations driven by hydraulic or electric 3 phase

Up to 360mm deep cuts

Dragon Saw

Concrete Cutting Chain Saws

Specialised tool for plunge cutting up to 450mm deep

Specialised air ducting or penetrations which leave no overcutting into the existing wall

Either petrol or Hydraulic

Concrete cutting chain saws

Track Sawing

3 phase hydraulic which is used for large openings in industrial areas and provide cuts up to 1000mm

The saw is bolted to a wall is operated by remote control and leaves a clean crisp cut

Track Saw

Road sawing

Any application of concrete floors, roads, or airport runways

Breakthrough offer either Diesel or electric 3 phase road saws

Road Sawing

Wire Sawing

Applications include dam walls, mines, water treatment plants, removal of piers and anywhere concrete is excessively thick

The use is similar to that of a track saw however a wire runs via a series of pulleys allowing for remote operation.

Wire Sawing