Ric's Story

I just want to thank Breakthrough for their excellent all round service in the demolition of my house. The peace of my mind they gave me during this job cannot be understated…

Stijn - 
Steadfast Security Consultants

Ric's Story

The Breakthrough Group was established by Richard (Ric) Doo in 1989.

Initially a concrete cutting business Ric and his wife, Roz, took the gamble to move from Brisbane to Cairns to try something new.

Unbeknownst to Ric the pilot strike took hold in Cairns and his fledgling business and the decision to move to the Far North were beginning to look shaky.

Not to be discouraged though, Ric and Roz worked on the wharves of Cairns unloading trawlers to maintain cash flow in their new business.  Ric recalls this as some of the hardest times of his life living off the scraps of the trawler.  Ric to this day has immense respect for those that work on the wharves.

The concrete cutting eventually began to turnaround in the early 1990's when Cairns began to grow again and divest away from purely tourism.

Ric and Roz fondly recall the endless hours of work during their halcyon years.  Ric would often continue working beyond nightfall with Roz keeping an area lit with the headlights of their vehicle.

To diversify the company, in 1998 Ric studied for his demolition licence.  Ric viewed the attaining of this qualification as an added benefit to the concrete cutting component of his business.  Ric would often hear about credit being taken for the methodology he would devise for demolition projects.  He felt that he had an aptitude to begin a demolition business and as with anything he did, he dove head first in realising this goal.  As Ric recalls the demolition licence allowed him greater scope to complete projects utilising all facets of his skillset.  The 'bash and crash' approach was not for Ric and he felt that his 'cut and release' methodology, built on his extensive concrete cutting experience, separated him from his competitors.

With demolition comes asbestos and Ric put his study cap on again and attained his A Class asbestos removal business licence.  In the process of attaining his licence Ric learnt that if the removal process was conducted correctly there was no risk to his staff and others; in short asbestos was not a dirty word.

As Ric's business grew so did the need for a new premises; working from his acreage property was no longer cutting it (pardon the pun) and in 2007 he built and moved into new premises, at its current location, at 41 Mt Milman Dr, Smithfield.

In 2008 Ric moved his business further afield setting up operation in Townsville. His Townsville operation now outshines its counterparts in turnover and staffing levels.

In 2012 an opportunity arose to move to Darwin for work at the new prison.  Never one to shy away from new work opportunities Ric sent some of his best staff to Darwin to ensure its success.  Whilst still in its infancy the Darwin office is excelling in continually generating new business.

Now at its peak the Breakthrough Group employs some 65 people across its three territories.  With Ric's mantra of 'Anywhere Anytime' still at the forefront of his business decisions, moves further afield are still on his agenda.